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    Facilities☉JC Film Gallery☉11 four and five-star hotels and over 30 business budget hotels gather within 2 kms☉2 Yacht docks; 100 Yacht berths, Changfeng Park☉Parkside Plaza at Changfeng & Large-scale commercial center “Guosheng Center”Taking full consideration of catering, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing plans 5,000㎡ for restaurant, providing Chinese and western style food at all levels, coffee bars, customized banquet and simple working meal for guests of our conventions and exhibitions.
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    Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing address:No.2739 West Guangfu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai♦ Traffic Information of SHCEC:   Airport:  ·8.8 kilometers away from Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1, 12.6 kilometers away from Terminal 2   Railway Station:  ·13 kilometers away from Hongqiao Railway Station   City Center:  ·10.6 kilometers away from people’s square   Subway:  ·2 kilometers away from Metro Line 2 Loushanguan Road Station  (Exit 4, to West Tianshan Road, turn right to Gubei Road, across Gubei Bridge, turn left to West Guangfu Road, go straight to Zhongjiang Road)  ·3.2 kilometers away from Metro Line 13 Jinshajiang Road Station  (along Jinshajiang Road, turn right to Zhongjiang Road, across East Yunling Road)   Bus:many lines can reach the city center and transport hub  ·East Yunling Road: No. 44, No. 551, No. 757  ·Daduhe Road: No. 944, No. 2 Changzheng Loop bus  ·Gubei Road: No. 316, No. 54, No. 944, No. 757, No. 2 Changzheng Loop bus  ·West Tianshan Road: No. 71, No. 72, No. 74, No. 141, No. 311, No. 808, No. 251, No. 825, No. 829, No. 856, No. 941, No. 944, No. 190 etc.   By car:  ·Yan’an Road Viaduct: to Loushanguan Ramp Mouth, turn right to Loushanguan Road, go straight, turn left to the West Tianshan Road, turn right to Gubei Road, across Gubei bridge, turn left to West Guangfu Road, go straight to Zhongjiang Road;  ·Inner Ring: to Jinshajiang Road Ramp Mouth, turn to Jinshajiang Road (toward west), go straight, and turn left to Zhongjiang Road  ·Middle Ring: to Jinshajiang Ramp Mouth, turn to Jinshajiang Road (toward east), to straight, and turn right to Zhongjiang Road.
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    Professional audience

    The health department and the head of the health city, the head of the national demonstration health urban health planning commission, the head of the medical and Health Association Chamber of Commerce, the medical experts, the health and disease control center, the epidemic prevention station, the health research unit, the medical laboratory, the medical college, the medical and Health Industrial Park, etc.Precision medical enterprises, intelligent medical enterprises, intelligent pension enterprises, digital health enterprises, biomedical enterprises;Medical institutions: medical associations, tertiary hospitals, tumor hospitals, private hospitals, anti-aging centers, community health care and clinics.Medical beauty institutions: Medical Beauty Association, high-end clubs, health management institutions, beauty salons, nursing homes, etc.China's general agent, provincial agent, regional agent, production enterprise and circulation enterprise.CRO, R & D enterprises and research institutes;* investment, financing and financial institutions;Governments, embassies and consulates, business associations, associations, etc.
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